Myfitnesspal: is a great app for tracking/logging daily food intake as well as keeping a log of exercises along with calories burned.

Pacer: is a great app for tracking daily steps. This app allows goal setting for the number of desired daily steps. It gives alerts of reaching goal and recaps previous day's steps. It also works in conjunction with Myfitnesspal app.

Nike+: is a great running app. It allows friends to compare running goals and set challenges. It utilizes nike fuel points to better track efforts. It also allows cheers from Facebook and to post progress to FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shopwell: is a great shopping app. It features goal setting which allow personal settings on various health & fitness goals translated into nutritional needs. It has a scanning feature that allows scans while shopping to quickly see if a food item meet predetermined goals.

FastFood Check: this app reveal the nutritional information for most fast food restaurant. Aids in choosing best nutritional meal available or reveals possible red flags i.e. high sodium, high fat etc.

BP Blood Pressure Monitor App: this app actually allows you to check your blood pressure. It also allows you to categorize whether your check is a general check or after a certain activity i.e. general, resting, after a exercising or walking.